A Dr. Lou Assessment Helps Us Recommend Your Very Best Course of Treatment

Our Comprehensive Pain Assessment

Pain is modern medicine’s most misunderstood symptom – and its most common. Over-the-counter and prescription medications are intended to treat the symptom and only the symptom. A complete pain assessment is meant to discover the underlying root cause of the pain. Treating the symptom may help in the short term, but treating the cause is the only way to truly manage the ailment for the long term. Dr. Lou’s industry-leading pain specialists are specifically trained to assess your pain from every perspective so that we can recommend the most appropriate course of treatment, customized to suit your needs and lifestyle.


Pain and injury can lead to a loss of ability and independence. At Dr. Lou’s Pain Care, it is our primary objective to improve your quality of life through proper rehabilitation of any pain or injury that you suffer from. Our multidisciplinary team will design you a program, specific to your needs to get you back to living! These programs will be tailored to remediating an impairment, promoting function and optimizing mobility. Our team also realizes that rehabilitation is more then just the physical aspect and all of our rehabilitation programs include measure to help with the psychological and social aspects contributing to your pain and injury. Let the Dr. Lou team help you get back to optimal health and well- being through our all encompassing rehabilitation programs! (more…)

Diagnostic Imaging and Testing

The underlying cause of your pain is not always apparent to a comprehensive history taking or thorough physical assessment. At Dr. Lou’s Pain Care our multidisciplinary team of primary healthcare providers are prepared to include diagnostic imaging and testing in your plan of management should it be required. This might include imaging studies such as x-rays or MRI or lab testing like complete blood work. Our team will include whatever diagnostic imaging and testing is necessary to improve your prognosis.

Medical and Surgical

Most people suffering from pain and injury want to avoid surgery or chronic use of pharmaceuticals to help cope with their pain levels. At Dr. Lou’s Pain Care, we will always try to make these strategies a last resort. However, the key to proper pain management is understanding at what point in the treatment process medical and surgical play and role. Our team is here to provide proper and efficient pain management and that may include the potential for medical or surgical referral. Our primary healthcare providers will always include you in the decision making process for you plan of management so that together we can make the best choice to help you live pain free.

Our doctors are the most qualified to thoroughly assess and treat the most mysterious symptom in healthcare... pain.
– Dr. Lou