Assistive Devices

Let Us Help You Find Everything You Need to Care for Your Pain, Completely

Custom Orthotics

Our footprints are just as unique as we are. Often times, having too high of an arch or a low arch can have side effects such as back pain, leg pain and foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or bunions (hallux valgus). High and low arches (pes cavus and pes planus, respectively) are not uncommon and benefit from the use of custom orthotics. Custom orthotics assist in rebalancing your feet and enhancing your body’s natural movements. At Dr. Lou’s Pain Care we evaluate the way you walk by conducting a gait analysis and physical examination. Based on the way you walk, posture, walking mechanics and examination findings, we determine if you are a candidate for custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics are molded to support the requirements of your feet and correct specific foot imbalances. Orthotics fit into shoes as an insole to support the requirements of your feet. By exerting gentle and consistent pressure, orthotics help bring foot muscles and bones back in proper alignment, reliving lower back, knee, hip and foot pain. The custom orthotic is designed by a dry impression of your bare foot and designed with specifications found to be important for your condition by one of our doctors.

Custom orthotics will:

  • Help restore balance in your body
  • Help restore alignment
  • Reduce stress and strain on your body
  • Correct foot anomalies

Compression Stockings

Dr. Lou’s Pain Care offers high quality, medical gradient compression stockings that are used to help improve circulation; control swelling (edema) and pressure; relieve aching and heavy legs; control varicosities; prevent venous ulcers; control pregnancy related varicosities; and help prevent deep vein thrombosis.

Common uses for compression stockings include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduction of swelling and discomfort in feet
  • Reduction of risk of blood clots
  • Reduction and prevention of venous and lymphatic disease
  • Improved leg sensation
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Post surgical care

Compression stockings are made from a strong material, designed to exert pressure on the lower legs, ankles and feet. The use of compression stockings help increase circulatory rate and helps send more blood back to the heart and the rest of the body.

Braces & Personal Care/Mobility Aids

Assistive devices help patients carry out their daily activities with greater ease.  Many assistive devices offered at Dr. Lou’s Pain Care include bracing, personal care aids and personal mobility aids.

Assistive devices include:

  • Wheelchairs, walkers and canes
  • Bath seats and high toilet seats
  • Orthopaedic bracing

At Dr. Lou’s Pain Care we are committed to providing an inclusive rehabilitation and health and wellness environment that accommodates all individuals. Our trusted occupational therapists and doctors will assess patients’ needs and recommend the necessary assistive devices/aids and systems for your home or workplace.

We have a selection of specialized devices designed to help ease, prevent, and treat your pain.
– Dr. Lou