Can I be seen by Dr. Lou himself?

Well, there’s obviously only so many hours in the day, but if you’re able to visit our Flagship Clinic at Humber College Blvd. and Highway 27 we’ll definitely see what we can do! Rest assured though that each and every Dr. Lou’s Pain Care practitioner has been specially selected by Dr. Lou and continue to meet his exacting standards. So you’ll always be in extremely good hands… we guarantee it!

Are Dr. Lou's services covered by my provincial health insurance plan (OHIP)?

The majority of our services are covered by most third party payers such as Extended Health Benefits, Motor Vehicle Insurance Plans and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). As necessary, certain things like diagnostic imaging and testing are covered by OHIP. If you think you may not have third party coverage, this shouldn’t be a reason to not visit Dr. Lou’s Pain Care. We are committed to providing accessible care to everyone who needs it and will do our best to provide treatment in a way that fits your needs. Just give us a call to discuss it.

Do I have to pay directly and then have my insurance company reimburse me?

Most of the time you don’t have to pay directly. We’ll try to submit the claim directly or have Assignment of Benefit authorized to our clinic by you. These specifications are determined by your specific insurance plan which we can help you figure out. Just give us a call and one of our pleasant administrators will be happy to help.

How do I find out my coverage?

You can call your insurance company directly or contact us to have one of our administrators call on your behalf. You might also be able to access your plan details online or within a benefit booklet that you might have been provided. Remember, even if you coverage is limited we will always do our best to make treatment accessible to you based on your financial needs.

How many treatments will I need?

It depends! Treatment is rendered based on a diagnosis and each diagnosis will require a different amount and type of treatment. To find out exactly how much treatment your specific condition will require, call us to book a comprehensive assessment with one of our specially trained doctors and they will gladly take the time to clarify everything for you.

What is the price of other products such as Orthotics and TENs machines?

Like most devices, the prices of therapeutic products can vary widely given different product classifications, features, and brands. We’ll help determine the most suitable product deemed acceptable by your insurance provider that best fits your specific needs.

What is the price of your services?

While Dr. Lou’s Pain Care proudly offers industry leading care by specially trained and carefully selected practitioners, our rates are well within the range of comparable providers. We also offer discounts for children, seniors, students, and low income individuals.

Do I need a referral?

No, you don’t! As primary care providers we invite you to call us directly so that you can be seen as soon as possible. Of course, in the case of a potentially life-threatening emergency you should always contact 911 and be seen at your local Emergency Room.

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