Public Outreach

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The Doctor Pain Radio Show

am640-150Have a question you’d like to ask Dr. Lou? Then call in to the Doctor Pain radio show every Saturday at noon on AM640 Toronto (or click here to listen live online). Each week Dr. Lou will tackle some of the most common conditions, most annoying ailments, and even most the humorous tales along with Q107’s John Scholes.

The Doctor Pain Television Series

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Doctor Pain is a new television series which endeavors to clear the fog of the surprisingly misunderstood symptom most commonly associated with virtually every human ailment… Pain.

But how can something that will affect us all at some point in our lives be so misunderstood? That’s the question Dr. Lou will help unlock answers to weekly.

Dr. Lou – AKA Dr. Luigi Nalli – is a young, Harley-riding doctor with a special interest in all-things pain. A “Best New Chiropractor” Award-Winner, Dr. Lou will explain, with the help of leading medical experts, the many causes, manifestations, and treatments of the symptom that in one form or another, at one time or another, affects us all.

For more information on the TV show, click here.

Corporate Outreach

It’s no coincidence that organizations identified as best places to work are more likely to offer broad-based wellness programs. Google and Facebook are just a couple of places that people would give their left foot to work at, not just because they’re the titans of the Internet, but also because they offer fantastic wellness programs for their employees. And the reason they do is because they want happy people working for them. Don’t you want happy people working for you? Contact us to find out how our mobile division can deliver our services conveniently right in your workplace.

Public Appearances

Community involvement and outreach has always been important to Dr. Lou. The truth is he really enjoys educating members of the public. That’s why he does it every chance he gets! If you’re having a function or event and would like to have Dr. Lou make an appearance, presentation, or lecture, just give us a call and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

Caring for your pain isn't just a 9 to 5 thing for us. Pain care is everything we do... all the time!
– Dr. Lou