Second Opinions

Patients have the right to confirm that the diagnosis and treatment options they’ve been given are correct

Second Opinions

If you feel unsure about your diagnosis or treatment option, then don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Lou. Receiving a second opinion about your case is sometimes needed and ensures that multiple healthcare professionals concur. Often patients feel they might need another opinion, but hesitate because they don’t want to appear as second- guessing their doctors. However, you are the keeper of your health and if you feel you’re not getting the right answers, then it is your responsibility to ensure you do.

No healthcare professional intentionally misdiagnosis or recommends adverse treatment, but the reality is everyone is human and can make mistakes. There are times that even Dr. Lou and his team feel that their patients require a second opinion because we don’t put our pride before your health.

Remember to follow your instinct; if your body’s message is different than what your current healthcare professional is telling you, get a second opinion. If you’re interested in getting Dr. Lou’s second opinion for your case, please do your best to bring any relevant information when you’ve set up your appointment. Your relevant health history tests (such as x-rays, MRI, blood work, etc.) will help to ensure that Dr. Lou gives you the right plan of management.

There have been times that I’ve recommend my own patients to get a second opinion
– Dr. Lou