Complete, Multidisciplinary Pain Care

Free Consultations

Looking for answers to your pain? Connect with Dr. Lou directly and find out! There is no commitment and it’s absolutely free! (more…)

Pain Assessment

Find the root cause to your pain! Dr. Lou takes you through a health history, physical examination and special testing. (more…)

Second Opinions

Wondering if the advice you’ve been given about your pain is right? Let Dr. Lou review your case and find out his opinion. (more…)

Management & Treatment

Dr. Lou’s Pain Care offers the very best treatment and management options for you pain. It’s a proven multidisciplinary approach that works! (more…)

Public Outreach

Dr. Lou firmly believes that information empowers us, so he works diligently to educate… on the radio and on TV, and even at your workplace or special event! (more…)

You shouldn’t ignore your pain; you should listen to it
– Dr. Lou